The Garden Spot Experience

Because so many people say there is something “different” about Garden Spot Village an initiative was undertaken to understand what that difference might be. Understanding that, “if you don’t know why something’s working when it’s working you won’t know how to fix it when it’s broke,” a cross-organizational team invested a significant amount of time in  observation, interviews, surveys and discussion focused on discovering that “difference.” The goal was two-fold 1) ensuring the difference is sustainable and 2) recognizing if things start to drift off course they can be corrected. The difference was discovered to be the culture of the organization.  Over time leadership has been investing a significant amount of energy in shaping a youth-preserving, positive, life-giving culture even though they may not have realized it at the time.

Abundant Opportunities to Live with Purpose in Community
Answering the question: beyond all the resort-style amenities, what do you get? In other words, what is the Value Proposition? The best attempt to articulate the value proposition is you’ll discover “Abundant Opportunities to Live with Purpose in Community.” The operative words being  - Opportunity, Purpose and Community.

Garden Spot team members contribute greatly to the Garden Spot Experience. The following documents explain the culture of our community and the ways team members cultivate the experience.

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