A Guide to Lancaster County’s 2023 Community Fairs 

August 29, 2023

By Natalija Gligorevic

Once the leaves start changing color and the air becomes crisper, that can only mean one thing: fall is coming. The season of fall doesn’t only mean pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving dinner—it also signifies the beginning of the Lancaster County fair season.  

Fair season can be overwhelming with so many places to go and have fun! Hopefully, this guide will help you organize your fun, while highlighting some of the best spots at each fair.  

The Denver Fair is the first one arriving to the county; the festivities begin on Tuesday, September 12 and end on Saturday, September 16. The Denver Fair offers interesting opportunities such as a petting zoo, free and live entertainment, Jell-o eating contests, and more. On top of all those unique events, there are epic rides, food vendors, and games for both kids and adults to enjoy. Bring the little ones on Friday, September 16 for Denver’s designated “Kid Day,” where you can get a ride wristband for the rest of the weekend for $25! 

The Ephrata Fair and West Lampeter Fair are next on the calendar. The Ephrata fair spans almost the full week from Monday, September 25 to Saturday, September 30. The Ephrata Fair has something for everyone! There is lamb and sheep judging, bingo and refreshments on Wednesday, Kids’ Night on Thursday with live music, Family Night on Friday at Tent City, as well as the typical, exciting carnival games and rides offered.  

The West Lampeter Fair is a three-day event, September 27 to 29. If you’re interested in agriculture, then you need to attend one of the events during the West Lampeter Fair. It is unlike the other fairs in Lancaster County, since it focuses its three-day activities on teaching others about livestock, tractors and farming. Some of the highlights include the market goat show on Wednesday, the children’s sunflower contest on Thursday, September 28, and a pedal tractor pull competition on the Friday, September 29. You can’t forget about the petting zoo available throughout the entire fair! The West Lampeter Fair is a great place to connect with nature and animals, all while providing yourself with a unique learning experience. 

Finally, the New Holland Fair is a Lancaster County favorite. The dates of the fair this year are Wednesday, October 4 through Saturday, October 7. The New Holland Fair is known for its wild rides, delicious food, and support of local businesses. The Meadow Creek Barbeque Supply, a local business, will sell mouth-watering hickory-smoked barbeque meals at the fair this year. Stop by on Kids’ Day on Friday, October 6 and ride exhilarating rides such as the Himalayan or the Zipper. It is an amazing place to make wonderful memories with your family and friends while enjoying amazing food, games, events and people! 

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