Five Reasons To Move To A Retirement Community

January 6, 2020

Written by Juanita Fox

As people reach the milestone that is retirement, they face the question: What’s next? While some may choose to stay put for a time, others decide to embrace a season of change by moving to a retirement community. We’re here to debunk a few common misconceptions and paint a picture of what a retirement community really looks like—and why it’s a popular choice for so many. Let’s explore the top five reasons to move to a retirement community, whether it’s near or far from where you live now.

1. Connection With a New Community

Building new relationships and friendships as an adult can be difficult because of busy home lives, consuming careers and family commitments. Moving to a retirement community will allow you to hit refresh and surround yourself with like-minded individuals experiencing the same life stage as you. With countless activities and social opportunities, from concerts to cultural events and art classes, you’ll have a chance to meet other retirees and enjoy life together.

2. Time to Pursue Interests

One of life’s great juggling acts is balancing the necessities of work and home life with passions and projects. No longer. Retirement communities give you the opportunity to invest deeply and richly in your interests. Whether it’s woodworking, writing, volunteering, gardening or anything else under the sun, you’ll finally have the time to dedicate yourself to your craft. As a bonus, you’ll meet people with whom you can share your interests!

3. Engaging Amenities

Imagine living in a location surrounded by any amenity you could dream of. Gyms, libraries, spas, golf courses, movie theaters, wellness centers—and much more! Our newest retirement neighborhood at Garden Spot Village, Sycamore Springs, offers amenities like these for all residents. Without the hassle of transportation, you can sprinkle your calendar with generous helpings of fun activities. You’ll have the free time on your schedule and a community of new friends to enjoy these amenities with.

4. Affordable Living Prices

A common misconception is that retirement communities are costly investments. In reality, residents can often save money by living in a community with many necessities and services included in their monthly fee. You’ll have every need met, as well as the ability to jump into new hobbies and enjoy your community’s amenities, often at little or no extra cost.

5. Intergenerational Involvement

Retirement communities may be age restricted; however, many communities, like Garden Spot, cater to all ages. A hospitality philosophy makes people feel welcome. With a café serving Starbucks, a chic gift shop and restaurants open to the public, Garden Spot Village welcomes people of all ages—from moms with strollers and toddlers, to teens and wide range of adults. In addition, specialized programs like the award-winning weeklong Grands & Kids Camp makes Garden Spot a favorite place for young people.


Interested in learning more about the benefits of living in a retirement community? Garden Spot Village has new homes available at Sycamore Springs, our newest retirement village. To learn more, contact us or request pricing information.

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