The Many Benefits of Living in an Active Retirement Community

October 29, 2019

Written by Scott Miller

As you approach the age of retirement, many different considerations will pop up. When should I start researching different options? Will I want to work? What will I do with my free time? Should I stay in my family home or move into something a bit more manageable?

More and more people are beginning to think about these questions in their 50s and are beginning to consider active retirement communities. You may feel like you’re too young to start thinking about an active retirement community, but if you take the leap, you may find that it’s the best decision you could make.

According to U.S. News and World Report, and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Lancaster, PA, is one of the best places to retire in the U.S. There’s gorgeous countryside and tons of fun attractions, interesting places to eat and so much to do and see. So as retirement comes your way, don’t fret. When you choose to move to an active retirement community near Lancaster, PA, such as the Sycamore Springs neighborhood at Garden Spot Village, you’ll experience a full and fulfilling life filled to the brim with exciting new possibilities.

What Is an Active Living Community?

If you believe all the retirement stereotypes on TV and in movies, you’d think your later years would have to be dull and tiresome. I don’t want to spend that prime time in my life at bridge parties or spending countless hours in front of the TV. Thankfully, at Garden Spot Village, I get to witness a different kind of retirement community — and you will too. As you stroll the paths that intersect Sycamore Springs, you’ll see people thoroughly enjoying their pre-retirement and retirement years. Just last week a 30-something asked if he had to wait until he was 55 to reserve a new home!

Our active retirement community at Garden Spot Village offers innovative housing and lifestyle services in a setting that feels more like a close-knit neighborhood. From cozy apartments to the front-porch lifestyle of single-family homes, homes at Garden Spot Village offer comfort, community and convenience. After all, who wants to worry about raking the yard or home repairs when there’s so much to do?

Why You Should Choose an Active Retirement Community

When you drop in at Garden Spot Village, you’ll see that life here is anything but boring. People from places across the U.S. have moved to our retirement community here in Lancaster because they love our active living lifestyle.

It can be nerve-wracking to sell your family home where you’ve spent so many years. Many people at Garden Spot felt the same way, but now they’re thrilled with their decision to move here. Active retirement provides them with incredible benefits they’ve never had before. Here’s a sneak peek into just a few things people love about life here at Garden Spot Village.

Do the Things You Enjoy

As you know, having a job fills your days with the same old routine. In retirement people finally have the chance to do things they are passionate about. Plus, they try new activities – like zip lining, ax throwing and go-kart racing – that they never had time for before.

Residents at Sycamore Springs know firsthand about using their retirement to venture into new and exciting fields. Art Petrosemolo, who lives at Sycamore Springs, now uses his free time for freelance writing and photography. He’s even contributed to the local newspaper, “offering a new lens.”

Some people look forward to spending their retirement years on the open road pursuing one adventure after another. Residents Rich and Anne Treadwell use their cute cottage at Garden Spot Village as a jumping-off point for their kayak treks in Maine.

Maintenance-Free Housing

When you own a home, it feels like the work is never done. From endless yard work to house repairs, we end up spending all our free time keeping up with our property’s many needs.

When you live in an active retirement community, all those at-home responsibilities get taken off your plate. You can spend all your time on exciting hobbies, traveling and spending time with family and all your new friends here at Garden Spot Village.

Connect With Others Like Never Before

Speaking of new friends, that’s another huge benefit people at Garden Spot Village enjoy every single day. You may be afraid that it will take a long time to meet people, but there are tons of ways to dig in and get involved.

Residents Bob and Joanne Coleman took advantage of some of our volunteer opportunities here on campus, which gave them a great feeling of community involvement. In fact, these relationships empowered them like never before. As Bob put it, “Moving to Garden Spot Village was the first time in our lives we were able to choose our community.”

Jeanne Lang is another Garden Spot Village resident. As a single woman, she deeply desired to find a sense of belonging. What she found here was a close-knit community of people who understood exactly what she was going through, and it made all the difference. As she put it, “When you engage with people it just enriches your life.”

Learn More About Our Active Living Retirement Communities at Garden Spot Village

As I walk around Garden Spot Village and watch people living full and active lives, I don’t have to wonder if living in an active retirement community was the right choice for them — it’s as plain as the smiles on their faces.

Come see for yourself the many benefits active retirement will bring to your life by scheduling your tour at Garden Spot Village. You’ll love the joy and excitement at our beautiful homes in our newest neighborhood, Sycamore Springs.

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