Cooperative Living House

Garden Spot Village welcomed the first residents of the Cooperative Living House in March 2018. Located on Ranck Road in New Holland, the house offers affordable housing for five members of the local community and does not rely on government programs or subsidies for funding. The house offers a month-to-month lease with a sliding scale rent, based on a percentage of residents' income. Each member of the household has their own bedroom and bathroom and share common living spaces.

In addition to affordable housing for residents, the Cooperative Living House combats isolation by creating a household that connects and functions as a family, sharing tasks and responsibilities and offering an informal support network. Garden Spot Village provides building maintenance, lawn care and case management to provide additional support for the residents of the home.

CrossNet Ministries, Weaverland Mennonite Church, SFCS Architects and Musselman Homes, LLC., are just a few of the churches, community organizations and businesses who helped to build and sponsor the Cooperative Living House. Each participating organization or business provided expertise, materials or volunteers.

Read more about the Cooperative Living House on our blog. For more information or to apply to live in the Cooperative Living House, contact Garden Spot Village Social Services at 717.355.6000.