10 Best Playgrounds in Lancaster County to Take the Kids in Your Life

May 7, 2024

Written by Kaiya Boll

As the weather gets warmer, now is a good time to begin taking the children in your life to the many parks in the Lancaster County area. Each of the following parks includes different types of playground equipment and additional amenities to make your visit a great experience. Maybe you and your family can discover a new favorite place to spend the summer exploring!

Below is a legend to help identify important features of the parks:
+ fenced in
– separate aged play areas
∆ safe equipment
* adaptive playground equipment for kids with physical disabilities

New Holland Park + – ∆

400-498 E. Jackson St, New Holland
Located closest to Garden Spot Village, this popular wooden playground has many other amenities close by, such as a golf course, pool and the ELANCO library. There are pavilions open for rent, and restrooms nearby. Additionally, the New Holland Park holds a summer concert series featuring a variety of artists and genres for you to check out.

Ephrata Township Community Park – ∆

436 E. Fulton St, Ephrata
Ephrata Township Community Park includes many amenities for family outings, such as paved hiking trails, pavilions with kitchen areas available for rent, accessible restrooms, baseball and soccer fields, a sand volleyball court, and spots for fishing.

Treehouse Playground + – ∆ *

300 W. Orange St, Lititz
The original vision for this playground was to allow the community to have a voice in what the design would look like. To accomplish this, designers worked with children and their families to create their perfect playground, and the entire set was built by volunteers. The result is a delightful wooden playground with plenty of adaptive equipment included for children with physical disabilities.

Amos Herr Park + – ∆ *

1700 Nissley Rd, Landisville
Amos Herr Park has been undergoing renovations for the last few years, and now includes many extra elements in addition to their charming and rustic playground equipment. These amenities include a sandbox, a Little Free Library, bocce ball courts, a small zip line, picnic tables and a gazebo, and nearby restrooms.

Mountville Park + – ∆

351 N. Lemon St #201, Mountville
The Mountville Park recently got approved for new grant funding to assist in upgrading their community park. For now, though, their rustic wooden playground also features a sandbox and is close to the Mountville Library.

East Lampeter Township Community Park – ∆

2330 Hobson Rd, Lancaster
The East Lampeter Township Community Park is a lovely open park with a view of Mill Creek, which includes multiple pavilions available for rent, a Mini Disc Golf course, available restrooms, and a paved but somewhat steep walking trail complete with a fitness course.

Daniel’s Den Playground + – ∆ *

530 Central Manor Rd, Lancaster
Located next to Manor Church in Lancaster, this park is open to the public and includes, in addition to their family-friendly playground, a half-mile walking trail, a sports field, plenty of seating, and a water spray station.

Overlook Park + – ∆

2040 Lititz Pike, Lancaster
Overlook Park is a part of the Overlook Community Campus, which includes a large variety of activities such as walking trails, golf, athletic fields, Frisbee golf, a dog park, walking trails, ponds, a skate park and an adjacent pool.

Long’s Park + – ∆ *

Harrisburg Pike, US-30, Lancaster
Long’s Park not only has several types of children’s playgrounds available (including one that is adaptive for those with physical disabilities and another that is designed for the blind), but is also home to many other outdoor activities such as picnic pavilions, a petting zoo, a large pond, tennis courts and a fitness trail. Each summer, the park also hosts other events such as a free summer-long music series, a fine art and craft festival, and a chicken barbecue.

Lancaster Central Park – ∆

1050 Rockford Rd, Lancaster
Lancaster Central Park is the largest of the county’s parks, and receives the most visitors due to its location and the variety of features provided. These features include a nearby pool, a skate park, pavilions to rent, garden rental plots, many walking and hiking trails, a camping area, an environmental center, and the Garden of Five Senses (a peaceful walk-through garden).

The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

In a world where screens often dominate leisure time, the importance of outdoor play for children cannot be overstated. Outdoor play is a crucial component of development for the kids in your life. Whether you take them to one of the parks listed here or into a garden in your own community, kids can gain several benefits from time spent outdoors.

Physical Health Benefits

Outdoor play helps improve children’s motor skills through activities like running, jumping and climbing. Kids can improve their fine motor skills by collecting pebbles or maneuvering a tricycle. These activities enhance muscle strength, coordination and agility, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness.

Regular outdoor play is also associated with increased physical activity, which helps kids establish a healthier lifestyle early on.

Cognitive and Educational Benefits

The outdoors is a vast, open classroom that offers endless opportunities for creativity and discovery. Interaction with the outside world improves children’s cognitive abilities by encouraging curiosity and problem-solving skills.

Emotional and Social Benefits

Emotional and social benefits of outside play include:

  • Fostering social skills: Outdoor play often involves group activities that require communication and cooperation. Through these interactions, children can learn valuable social skills like sharing, negotiation, leadership and empathy.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety: Natural settings have a soothing effect on children and adults alike, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The freedom that comes with being outside also promotes self-confidence and independence.
  • Stimulating imagination and creativity: Outdoor play stimulates children’s imagination more significantly than indoor play, which tends to be more structured. A simple log can become a pirate ship, while a clump of bushes might be a secret hideaway. This kind of imaginative play is critical for cognitive development.

Enjoy the Outdoors and Head Home to Garden Spot Village

Discover the joys and benefits of outdoor play within and around the vibrant neighborhoods of Garden Spot Village. Whether you’re looking to connect with nature, enjoy community activities, or explore new playgrounds with the children in your life, we offer the perfect backdrop for active, engaging lifestyles. Our campus gardens are a great place for kids to play and for you to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Contact us today to schedule a visit or attend a look-and-learn event.

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