A Celebration of Love and Companionship

February 14, 2024

Written by Sharon Sparkes

Valentine’s Day is more than just a day on the calendar — it’s a heartfelt celebration of love, companionship, and the enduring bonds that hold us together. This year, residents from healthcare areas like Meadow View Memory Care, Mountain View Personal Care, and Garden View Skilled Nursing Households, along with their spouses, gathered in the Chapel for a very special Valentine’s Day event filled with music, stories, and poetry — all dedicated to the theme of love.

As residents and their spouses took their seats, the air was filled with the soft melodies of love songs, setting the tone for an evening of shared memories and emotions.

The Resident Life team, always thoughtful in their gestures, provided a special touch that made the day even more memorable. Each male resident received a bud vase of flowers to present to their spouse, a simple yet profound expression of their love. This gesture was not just about the flowers themselves but about the act of giving, of taking a moment to say, “You are loved, you are cherished.”

In a compassionate extension of this gesture, the Resident Life team also sent bud vase arrangements to the spouses of residents who had passed away within the last year. This act of kindness served as a gentle reminder that their love and loss are acknowledged and that they are supported by the community during this time. It was a way of showing that love endures, even in the face of loss, and that the community of Garden Spot Village stands together in both joy and sorrow.

The event in the Chapel showed the many forms love takes. Through music that touched the heart, stories that reflected the journeys of love through the years, and poetry that captured the essence of affection, the celebration was a testament to the power of love to inspire, heal and connect us.

This experience was a celebration that went beyond the traditional. It was a day that honored love in all its forms, reminding everyone that the joy of love is not just in receiving but in the act of giving and sharing. In the end, the day was a reflection of the community’s spirit — a community that comes together to celebrate love, to support one another and to find joy in the simple act of giving.

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