April Endeavor 2022

April 14, 2022

Written by Sharon Sparkes



This month Endeavor shares the story of Eric & Tine MacKay. Garden Spot Village Residents who find purpose and community as they volunteer for the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon & 10K. How do you endeavor to live with purpose?

Eric and Tine MacKay moved to Garden Spot Village in April 2020, almost exactly two years ago.

Eric is on the apartment council, where he serves as the secretary and is on the executive board of the woodshop. He also drives a shuttle to Yoder’s on a volunteer basis. Tine works at the Linden store twice a week, which has been great to get to know people in the community – particularly in the skilled areas. They both deliver mail on Saturdays to their apartment units.

During this year’s Garden Spot Village Half Marathon and 10K, Tine and Eric were two of 150 volunteers for the race. Tine was one of the greeters and handed out information packets to the runners. Eric was the parking lot coordinator and ensured that all the vehicles that brought the runners and spectators were parked quickly.

Eric didn’t do much volunteering before retirement as most of his time was taken up with his careers. He finds purpose in volunteering by giving back time to the community.

Tine also had never previously volunteered or done mission work as others who reside at Garden Spot have done in their lives. Tine started volunteering to get involved in this area and continues to volunteer to feel better and do good works.

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