Building a Legacy

January 21, 2021

Written by Abigail O’Neill


Louise Landry

Job(s): Draftsman, civil designer, survey crew member, environmental CAD/GIS designer, and land planning designer.

Worked for: 38 years
Most challenging project(s): “I think the hardest project was transferring from the drafting board to CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).”
Most enjoyable thing about the job: “I really liked doing rendering drawings, similar to the GSV Visitors Map. I got paid to ‘color’ like when I was in grade school, which was always fun!”

Harry Black

Job: Owner of his own building business
Worked for: 20 years
Most challenging project(s): “In my latter years the straight roof lines of Colonial and Farmhouse designs were replaced by multiple gables, dormers, roof windows, hips and valleys. Interiors became more open with need for more proper span calculations for beams to carry floor loads. Some clients were more of a challenge than others! Also government regulations continued to be added, consuming more time. Since I was small, with no staff, that became a real problem just to handle the paperwork.”
Most enjoyable thing about the job: “Serving the Lord by providing well built homes for families. Being involved from beginning to completion gave personal satisfaction. I had been in a corporate position right out of college that involved meetings and working through others to get approvals, to get a project done. That was all good training, but it was much easier and rewarding to go it alone! Working outside with my hands, made it easy to sing ‘Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!’”

Larry Knepper

Job(s): “My position in the building trades was general construction and interior trimming. Interior trimming was my favorite work. I assisted in building 5 complete homes including our last private home.”
Worked for: “I worked in the building and remodeling trade for 20 years following a 36-year engineering career at Sperry New Holland.”
Most challenging project(s): “Two of my most challenging projects were a sunporch addition which was 6 feet off the ground level and helping to remodel a 12,000 square foot house in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania which was prospective home of Julius Irving (Philadelphia Sixers Basketball Star).”
Most enjoyable thing about the job: “I most enjoyed renovating/remodeling where there were new challenges about every day in trying to minimize destruction and maximize results at minimum cost to the homeowner.”

Myron Slabaugh

Job(s): Owner of a wood stair business (Slabaugh Custom Stairs) in Quakertown, PA.
Worked for: 38 years
Most challenging project(s): “There was a large curved stair that we almost didn’t get into the house two years ago, actually there were two different projects at the same time that proved to be equally difficult.”
Most enjoyable thing about the job: “After I got over my fear of dealing with clients and became more proficient and comfortable with the developing expertise I brought to them, I had great time designing stairs, even ones that were nearly impossible. I got energy from designing stairs and particularly in solving peoples’ problems. We were experts in what we did, so many clients appreciated what we provided for them. Oh how I love experience…after I have acquired it!”

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