Culinary Tour Around the World at Meadow View Memory Care

January 30, 2024

Written by Sharon Sparkes

On a bright Tuesday in January, residents and team members of Meadow View Memory Care embarked on a delightful and educational food tour. This event showcased the diversity of global cuisine and provided an immersive cultural experience. Each resident received a passport to track their journey through various countries as they sampled traditional foods and received a stamp in their passport–as a memento of the afternoon. 

Mexican Fiesta with Ana

The tour kicked off with a vibrant Mexican celebration, thanks to Ana, the housekeeper at Meadow View Memory Care. She decorated her table like a typical Mexican party, like those she would throw for her friends and family. The residents savored ‘Bunuelos,’ a delightful fried cookie, alongside a refreshing ‘gelatina’ and the aromatic Cinnamon tea, known locally as ‘Jamaica.’ This gave the residents a taste of Mexico and a glimpse into Ana’s cultural heritage.

Welsh Traditions with Gwen and Bud

Next, the tour turned to Wales, thanks to residents Gwen and Bud, who shared their Welsh upbringing. Gwen reminisced about attending a church in Philadelphia, PA, where the sermon was delivered in Welsh. The Welsh culinary contribution was ‘Crempog,’ a traditional and delicious birthday breakfast pancake, offering a taste of Wales’s rich culinary tradition.

Puerto Rican Flavor with Janessa

Janessa, an LPN at Meadow View, presented a sandwich that is a staple at every party she hosts. The ‘de Mezcla’ sandwich, a comforting combination of Spam and Cheese Whiz, is a classic Puerto Rican party favorite, introducing the residents to a different type of Caribbean cuisine.

Indonesian Party Foods by Iha

Iha, who is volunteering through Mennonite Central Committee’s International Volunteer Exchange Program and an Indonesian native, enhanced the tour with a short video of her island. Dressed in celebratory clothing, she offered a variety of Indonesian party foods: ‘Bola-Bola’ (sweet potato balls coated in chocolate), ‘Bakwan’ with spicy sauce, a delightful banana cake, and soothing lemon tea. This segment provided an authentic taste of Indonesian celebrations.

German Delights with Dane and Anneliese

Representing Germany, Resilient Living Aide Dane and resident Anneliese shared a part of their heritage. They treated everyone to ‘Butterplätzchen,’ classic butter cookies typically made during Christmas in Germany and left out as a treat for Santa. This sweet end to the tour connected the residents to traditional German Christmas celebrations.

This food tour was more than just an exploration of global cuisines; it was a journey that connected the residents of Meadow View Memory Care with different cultures, enriching their lives with diverse tastes and stories from their neighbors and the team members. This event is a glimpse of a vibrant, culturally rich environment in memory care homes.

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