Endeavor November 2020

November 10, 2020

Written by Scott Miller

Hello and Welcome to Endeavor – a monthly video update from Garden Spot Village, where you will discover the abundant opportunities you have to live with purpose in community.

Hello, I’m Scott Miller the Chief Marketing Officer. Thank you for joining us this month for Endeavor.

While life looks different people are still engaged and living with opportunities and purpose at Garden Spot Village. I am standing outside one of the Commons Buildings in Sycamore Springs. Each neighborhood has its own Commons building for you to use. Of the 50 homes only 8 remain available and two of them have holds. I suspect by the time you see this there will be even fewer. If Sycamore Springs has crossed your mind, now is the time get involved before they are all spoken for.  If you are on the Radar Screen for a Carriage Home with a loft you owe to yourself to check out the Sycamore Springs Cottages with a loft. The prices are comparable and the homes are fabulous. The new residents love them!

While, for resident safety, the indoor activities on campus continue to be limited to residents we are thinking about you as future residents. The train room display will be made available virtually this year. Keep an eye out around Thanksgiving for a Friday e-mail with a link to a virtual tour. This year you can enjoy the trains from anywhere!

The really exciting news is that we are planning a Future Resident Christmas Event on Thursday, December 17, 2020. It will be outside in the Legacy Garden and it will be fabulous! There will be social distancing and you will be asked to wear a mask but that will not diminish the experience in the least.  As in years past you will receive an invitation in the mail with our Christmas Card. Keep an eye out for this RSVP event. We look forward to welcoming you to campus as a Christmas Gift.

We just posted the November issue of the Garden Variety on the Events page of the Garden Spot Village website. As I mentioned earlier – at this time, events are exclusively for residents but it gives you a sense of the types of things you can get involved with when you live here.

This has been Endeavor from Garden Spot Village, where you will discover the abundant opportunities you have to live with purpose in community.

I’m Scott Miller and I look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Event and as I always say – life is good.

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