Experiencing Kenya With Friends

March 25, 2022

Written by Emma Burger

“I loved traveling with Garden Spot Village and building relationships in the team,” comments Judy Rettew, resident of Garden Spot Village since January 2016. Although a very seasoned traveler, this was Judy’s first trip to Kenya.

Judy and the team visited the Pangani Center where they hosted two days of Vacation Bible School. There, they led a story group, a dancing and singing group and a craft group. During the story portion of the Bible School, Judy played the captain during the retelling of Jonah and the Whale. In the craft group, she demonstrated to the children how to write “love” in Braille, which she transcribed with her pocket slate and stylus. She also showed them how she used her cane. Judy is completely blind, so she was able to convey her personal experiences to the children and answer any questions they had. “There was not much time, but I loved being with the children,” remembers Judy.

Along with the Pangani Center, Judy and the team also traveled to two residential high schools where Judy was able to share her personal testimony. That Sunday, they participated in a church service and worship where she experienced her most memorable experience. While she was sitting down, a little boy wandered over to her and took her hand. She invited him to sit and then he sat down on her lap. After a few minutes, he got up and wandered off again. “It was the most memorable part of my trip. He was so quiet and respectful,” remarks Judy.

During this trip, Judy was accompanied by different members of the group as they described to her what they saw and helped her around. “It was great. We worked well as a team and they took turns guiding me,” comments Judy. Through this, she was not only able to experience many new perspectives, but also connect on a new and deeper level with everyone on the trip.
Judy experienced the wonders of Kenya through the eyes of others which allowed her to build amazing relationships. About the trip overall, Judy said, “I would love to go back again, and the people there said they would like me to come back too.”

To read more about the Travel with Purpose Trip to Nairobi, Kenya, visit the March 4 updateMarch 11 update or visit the Garden Spot Village Facebook or Instagram pages.

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