February Endeavor 2022

February 9, 2022

Written by Juanita Fox

Hello and Welcome to Endeavor – a monthly video update from Garden Spot Village, where you will discover abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community.

I’m Juanita Fox, the director of media experiences and storytelling. In 2022, we invite you to join us as we discover the amazing endeavors that people who live and work at Garden Spot Village embark on!

What gives you purpose and inspires you? For many people at Garden Spot Village, experimenting with art and learning new skills brings purpose and inspiration.

Today I’m in the Garden Spot Village art studio. This space is home to The Garden Spot Village Art Guild, which works diligently to elevate the appreciation of art at Garden Spot Village. This micro-community at Garden Spot Village creates a forum where budding and experienced artists can work and learn together.

Art Guild members regularly offer classes where they share their expertise with their neighbors and friends. Through the month of January and February classes offered included watercolor painting, acrylic pouring and stained glass.

Instructors help beginning and experienced artists refine their art skills. And build community while they do it!

On Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, the Art Guild offered art demonstrations and workshops. We were also honored to host Pennsylvania College of Art and Design instructors and staff, who offered art talks, demonstrations and workshops.

Thank you for joining us this month for Endeavor. Be sure to check out the events page of the Garden Spot Village website and the most recent issue of Garden Variety, which details all of the events happening on our campus.

Until next month, what do you endeavor to do?

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