Flowers to Make the Biggest Buzz in Your Garden

March 21, 2022

Written by Emma Burger

In search of flowers to grow this season that will create a buzz in your garden? Worried you don’t have the space or enough sunlight? Here is a list of flowers that will bring the party to your garden but are easy to care for!

Begonias (No Pruning or Deadheading)

Begonias grow to be about 2 feet by 2 feet and thrive with partial sunlight. Are you dreading caring for a plant that needs constant pruning? Begonias require no pruning or deadheading! This means your begonia will bloom without any extra trimming. Even when winter comes, you can move these beautiful flowers indoors, or dig up the tubular so you can plant them next spring. You can look forward to gorgeous blooms of red, white, and pink.

Pansy (Safe for Pets)

Pansies grow to be about 1 foot by 1 foot and thrive with partial sunlight. Are you worried about your flowers being safe with your pets? You are in luck! Pansies are non-toxic to pets so you can garden without the worry that it will harm your beloved animals. Pansies are versatile with planting so they can grow in hanging baskets, raised garden beds, or just as ground cover! They also come in many colors ranging from yellow, pink, white, blue, and black.

Dahlias (Perfect Potted Plants)

Dahlias grow to be 3 feet by 3 feet and thrive with full sunlight. If you only have room for a potted or hanging flower, dahlias are the plant for you! Dahlias are perfect for pots and hanging baskets, but can also be planted in traditional gardens or raised garden beds if desired. They can also be used as either perennial or annual flowers. This means you can enjoy them just for a season, or all year if you want. The colors of this bloom include red, orange, lavender, or brown.

Petunias (Wonderful for Window Boxes)

Petunias grow to be about 1 foot by 1 foot and thrive with partial sunlight. Do your windows look like they are longing for a pop of color? You could fill your window boxes this spring with petunias! If you also wanted to spread the petunia love to other places around your home, they can also be placed in planters, hanging baskets, raised garden beds, or anywhere else you can think of. With a wide range of colors to look forward to, you can enjoy these flowers through the spring and into summer.

Impatiens (Love the Shade)

Impatiens grow to be about 1 foot by 2 feet and thrive with partial sunlight. If a lack of sunlight is what is keeping you from owning a plant, you should consider impatiens. Impatiens are similar to petunias and pansies but require much less sun. They love to be in the shade, so planting them where they will receive minimal sunlight is ideal. You can expect your yard or garden to glow with shades of red, white, and pink.

Daffodils (Drought Tolerant)

Daffodils grow to be about 2 feet by 1 foot and thrive with full sunlight. Although known as a classic spring bloom, daffodils are perfect for anyone fretting about overwatering their flowers. Daffodils are extremely drought tolerant, so you can rest easy knowing they do not need much water. They can be planted in a traditional garden, or anywhere in the yard, but can also be placed in planters, pots, or even between growing herbs and vegetables. Daffodils come in a huge variety of different shapes and colors that can suit any gardener’s taste.

Hyacinth (The Pollinator Flower)

Hyacinths grow to be about 2 feet by 2 feet and thrive with full sunlight. For a gardener that is looking to benefit their whole garden, planting hyacinths may be a good idea. Hyacinths are fantastic flowers for drawing in pollinators which allows for your whole garden to grow stronger. They are best planted amongst other plants, but they can be put virtually anywhere in the yard and still grow beautifully. With colors ranging from peaches to yellows to pinks, hyacinths will be a hot spot in your garden this spring.

All of these flowers are perfect to add to the community garden or your own collection here at Garden Spot Village! To read more about our thriving gardening culture at Garden Spot Village, please make sure to check out our newest issue of Destination!

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