Grands and Kids Make Memories

July 3, 2018

Written by Sierra Force

“Will you take a picture of our family?” asked a grandfather at the opening reception and picnic. He was standing beside his wife and their two grand-daughters. Families at Grands & Kids Camp are excited to create lifelong memories with their loved-ones and want all moments to be captured forever.

Grands & Kids Camp is a week-long event, occurring annually, which offers exciting opportunities for grandparents and great grandparents to spend time with the children in their lives through a variety of activities and events. The schedule takes participants to different locations on campus and out and about throughout Lancaster County through bus trips. This year’s theme was “Explore Lancaster County.”

The intergenerational experience includes new participants and those who have attended for many years. Some families live right in the heart of Lancaster County, while others travel many hours for the visit.

Ruth Buehler’s family took a 12-hour road trip to spend time together throughout the exciting week.

New to the opportunity is Joanne Coleman and her two granddaughters, who sat eagerly waiting for the event they knew they would enjoy the most, apple cider making. “What was our favorite part?” Coleman asked her granddaughters. One of them replied, “Making apple cider.” Coleman added, “They liked making slime last year too.” This was only their second year attending, but the science projects were very hands-on and enjoyable, a component to the camp that the family liked the most.

As the children made pitchers of apple cider, parents and grandparents took pictures and smiled wide at the opportunity for their kids to explore and try new things.

Another second-year participator is grandmother Trinket Amaliksen with daughter Sonja and granddaughter Adriea. While the family missed last year’s activities and events, they looked forward to returning for more fun and to create more memories.

“I loved going mini-golfing,” Sonja said. A bus trip had taken the group to Village Green, a course located in Strasburg. Adriea had a lot of fun this year too but recalls another memory from a past year where she, “got to hold a snake.” That was the year when a bus trip took families to Refreshing Mountain.

Similar to Sonja, camp participant of seven years, Carol Cormany and granddaughter Nicole enjoyed the evening of green and golf. “It was such a lovely evening to be outside. It was so beautiful.”

Not all Grands & Kids activities took place outside.

Held within Garden Spot Village’s Chapel was Seussical, JR. The production was put on by middle school children who attended a quick two-week camp hosted by Servant Stage Company at Lancaster Bible College. The musical was an activity Carol and Nicole also enjoyed.

More highlights of Grands & Kids Camp included a movie and pizza night, a historical walking tour of Lancaster City, water volleyball, building in the woodshop, Lancaster County food sampling, and more.

Held each year during the final week of June, Grands & Kids Camp is open to all current and future residents for the purpose of spending time with all the grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other important children in their lives.

The camp offers another opportunity of purposeful living at Garden Spot Village, helping residents and families to create new memories each year.

Browse a photo gallery including highlights and memories from Grands & Kids 2018 here.

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