Home Is Where Your Story Begins

November 6, 2020

Written by Juanita Fox

“To me, home has always been very important,” Rosey says. “As a stay at home mom, I wanted to create an atmosphere of welcome and calm. The sign that says ‘Home is where your story begins’ caught my eye because it was a reflection of how I viewed my home.”

In May 2020, when Rosey and her husband Bob were packing to move to Sycamore Springs, the sign was packed carefully. It now hangs in the entryway of their new home, once again a reminder to everyone who enters, that home is an important part of your life’s journey.

A home to welcome family

“Our grandkids love to visit. The house and community have a bit of a fantasyland feel to them,” Bob says. The pathways around their neighborhood allow for kid-friendly walks; the brightly colored doors also add a bit of intrigue for young children.

The stream next to their home is a definite attraction, Rosey says. “The boys love to look for frogs in the creek. And, they are fascinated with our second floor. We keep toys in the spare bedroom upstairs and we have a short hallway where they love to create their own special space by closing all of the adjoining doors.”

A home to encourage community

One of the things that appealed to Bob and Rosey was the community’s design. Based on the popular west coast pocket neighborhood style, all of the homes at Sycamore Springs have a front porch that face a common area. “We love to camp with friends,” Rosey explains. “As we were walking through the common areas, we were reminded of that feeling of community and fellowship that we feel when we go camping.”

Since moving to Sycamore Springs, Bob and Rosey have appreciated the opportunity to connect with their neighbors. It’s a community where people look out for each other, Rosey says.

Before moving to Sycamore Springs the couple tended a plot at the neighborhood’s community garden. This regular interaction with their neighbors enabled them to make connections, even before they moved into their new home.

A home to explore new interests

No longer worrying about home maintenance and exterior home care like landscaping and lawn mowing, frees Bob and Rosey to find new ministry opportunities in their new community. Connecting with CrossNet Ministries is just one of the opportunities they want to explore. Rosey also appreciates the new-found freedom she has to deepen relationships with old and new friends.

To learn more about Sycamore Springs or explore current available homes, click here.

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