Intergenerational Living

August 22, 2017

Written by Juanita Fox

Sycamore Springs offers new construction homes with a variety of floor plans in a community-focused 55 and over neighborhood. Before launching the project, Garden Spot Village leadership explored a variety of housing models, determined to find best practices and adapt them for the unique culture of Garden Spot Village.

The result was homes circling a common green with paved walkways and a community building for family and community gatherings.

The home designs include front porches with a front door that opens into public living areas. More private living spaces like bedrooms and the garage sit at the back of the homes. Instead of asphalt in the front of the home, green grass and walking paths inspire impromptu gatherings and relationships.

Sycamore Springs’ two story homes with full, drive-in basements offer a unique opportunity for intergenerational living. A flexible, 2800 square foot floor plan allows room for a full apartment on the second floor, perfect for an individual or couple serving as a caregiver to an aging parent or for an adult child over the age of 55.

The larger, flexible floor plan also offers an opportunity for an in-home office or guest suite for 55+ adults who are ready for a move, but not quite ready to fully downsize. A centrally located elevator offers easy, multi-story living.

Sales Manager Megan Farber says, “I’ve always felt this first set of twenty seven homes, especially, is going to be a true extension of the culture of Garden Spot Village. The people moving in are connected to the Garden Spot way of life; they’re connected to other people. The residents understand the culture and really want to keep connecting.”

The community continues to grow and connect as each new neighbor moves into their home. While the residents of Sycamore Springs enjoy the campus amenities, the pool, spa and the five restaurants at Garden Spot Village as well as the grounds keeping services that take care of the summer yardwork and the winter snow removal, they are building new relationships within the larger community.

As one person described it, “This is a vibrant 55 community with a step up. As more people discover what you have here, you won’t be able to build it fast enough.”

It’s particularly appealing to people who have been through or are dealing with the issues of an aging parent. Compared to what people generally think that retirement communities are like, Garden Spot Village stands out as remarkably unique. It’s why people in their 50s and 60s are choosing the Sycamore Springs lifestyle. It’s engaging and offers abundant opportunities to live with purpose in a dynamic community. Plus it comes with that “step up” so your children never have to make your health related decisions for you.

If you are interested in exploring one of the few homes still available in Sycamore Springs, contact Kelly Sweigart, sales associate, at 717-355-6201.

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