Older friends gathered at annual race smiling.

Inviting Friends to a Welcoming Community

March 28, 2023

By Kendell Moats

Blanche Pilotti, a Garden Spot Village resident since June 2021, recently completed the Garden Spot Village 10K with her sister and friends by her side. Although Blanche has only been a resident at Garden Spot Village for two years, she is fully settled in the community. Blanche has been physically active and a committed volunteer her whole life, and continues to do so here at Garden Spot.

Before moving into Garden Spot, Blanche and her husband Gabe resided in East Earl. Because Gabe was an avid cyclist, he and Blanche would cycle 30, 40, 60 even 80 miles on a given ride, always looking for a new adventure. They also enjoyed traveling. Blanche has traveled and served in many countries including China, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Swaziland and Israel.

Blanche learned about Garden Spot Village in 2017 when a friend from church invited her to help with A Quiet Presence, a ministry that pairs volunteers with people who are nearing the end of life. As a volunteer, she was invited to use the gym and indoor pool. She introduced Gabe to Garden Spot Village and before she knew it, they were future residents and on the Radar Screen, waiting for their future home.

When Blanche moved into Garden Spot, she quickly got involved with more and more activities. She is a part of two bible studies, a book club and church. She says she “enjoys the different circles of people.” Blanche also shops for Linden and is currently learning how to be a sound tech for the chapel. She says, “I like to learn something new all the time.”

Blanche is also physically active. She enjoys going to Valley Forge to walk the 5-mile loop twice a month, and then grabbing a bite to eat with her sister or daughter afterwards. Blanche also walks the miles of walking paths around Garden Spot Village, which prepared her for the 10K. She enjoys the events Garden Spot Village hosts, like the 10K and loves that “no matter what goes on, it’s open to everyone.” Blanche, her friends and sister appreciate the welcome they experience at Garden Spot Village.

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