Living Longer in Community: Celebrating Residents 90 and Older

June 12, 2023

Written by Sharon Sparkes

As we age, it’s natural for us to worry about our health and safety. Many retirees face prolonged isolation, loneliness and lack of support, leading to a higher risk of depression, poor health conditions, and mortality. However, living in community can effectively address those issues and provide support, according to recent studies.

At Garden Spot Village, a 55-plus continuing-care retirement community, residents enjoy a culture where they can live purposeful and active lives. A few weeks ago a celebration was held in the Chapel for the 238 residents who reached the milestone of 90 years of age. Research suggests that living in places like Garden Spot Village can improve overall well-being and help individuals lead longer more fulfilling lives.

Here are some of the reasons why living in a retirement community can be beneficial to your health and longevity:

1. Social Interaction

One of the most significant benefits of living in a retirement community is the opportunity for social interaction. Studies have shown that socialization is essential for mental and emotional health as we age and helps to reduce loneliness and depression. Garden Spot Village offers a range of social programs, including classes, micro-communities and events, that encourage residents to connect with others and build meaningful relationships. For example, the recent celebration for the 238 residents over 90 years old who were invited to enjoy a performance, something that could not be replicated living alone.

2. Physical Activity

Another significant health benefit of living in community is the opportunity for physical activity. Physical activity lowers the risk of developing chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Garden Spot Village offers several activities to encourage seniors to stay active, such as exercise classes, walking paths, pickle ball, Thai Chi and a swimming pool.

3. Nutritious Meals

Nutrition is another area where a retirement community can make a significant difference in the health of seniors. Garden Spot Village offers abundant, nutritious meal options and grows greens in its aeroponic greenhouse. Residents dine together in restaurants or those in the continuum of care dine in communal settings, which fosters socialization and a shared sense of community.

4. Access to Health Care

Garden Spot Village also has an on-site health clinic that offers a range of services, from routine checkups to wound care. The continuum of care also includes personal care, memory care, and skilled nursing households. Access to healthcare on-site increases the likelihood that residents will receive the care they need quickly and efficiently.

5. Less Stress and Worry

Living in a retirement community can also reduce stress and worry, negatively affecting physical and emotional health. Garden Spot Village offers a hassle-free lifestyle.

Living in community offers a host of benefits for the aging population. These benefits include social interaction, physical activity, nutritious meals, access to healthcare and reduced stress and worry. These advantages can significantly improve overall well-being and contribute to a longer, more fulfilling life. The celebration of age for residents 90 and older highlights community-driven priorities.

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