May 24, 2022 // 10:07 AM

May Endeavor 2022

Written by Kaiya Boll


This month’s Endeavor shares the story of Junior Zook, a Garden Spot Village Resident who finds purpose and community through his work at Artisan’s Corner. How do you endeavor to live with purpose?

Junior has always had a passion for woodworking, and his skill has allowed him to make all sorts of wooden crafts, from model cars to trains to trucks. But his favorite thing to make unites both his carpentry ability and his passion for music: making dulcimers.

Junior first heard about dulcimers, which are a type of stringed instrument, in the 60s from a folk artist named Jean Ritchie. He found the sound fascinating, and ended up buying one for himself. He also found somebody who made the instruments, and after a few failed attempts, he was able to make and sell a few of his own dulcimers.

When Junior first came to Garden Spot Village, he told himself that he was through with woodworking, and wanted to enjoy a relaxing retirement. But soon the allure of the Artisan’s Corner drew him in, and he has greatly enjoyed continuing his woodworking projects. He has been spotlighted as an Artist of the Month, and continues to make and sell dulcimers. Junior is grateful for the Artisan’s Corner and the opportunity it provides for him to carry on doing what he loves in a community that values the work he does.

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