Purpose-Filled Work in a Life-Giving Community

October 22, 2019

Written by Scott Miller

What It’s Really Like to Live Here

If you’ve visited Garden Spot, you know we connect you with residents who will show you around the community because we think you should have the opportunity to freely ask questions and get authentic answers. While the sales team works to be extremely open and transparent, you can only discover “what it’s really like to live here” from a resident.  What about the other side of the coin?

What It’s Like to Work Here

You are welcome to talk with any team member and occasionally I’ll hear someone ask, “What’s it like to work here?” If you ask me that question I’ll answer: “Monday’s are okay with me!” This is by far the best job I’ve ever had and during New Employee Orientation I always comment to new employees that I hope it’s the best job they ever have. The question arises, what does Garden Spot do to foster an engaging purpose-filled environment where people can thrive, be successful and want to work?

We’re Not Perfect

We’re not perfect and we know that, however, people do seem to love working here. We just released a video describing a couple who work here. If you watch the video you’ll discover that after securing a position at Garden Spot Brandon told his wife, “We need to find you a position at Garden Spot; they really take care of their employees.” They are one of a number of couples who both work here. Plus many employees’ children work at Garden Spot during the summer and some go on to become full-time team members. People love working at Garden Spot so much they recruit their family members.

Give Me Proof

HR is the real expert when it comes to describing everything that’s available for employees. Off the top of my head here are a few things that are meaningful to me. Part of everyone’s “job” is to engage with residents. It’s expected of all of us, which is one of the best things from my perspective. Team members are aware of and live out our mission and values. We have an open door policy for both team members and residents. A growth-oriented Coaching program helps team members set goals as opposed to a Performance Review Program. Plus, we host a variety of staff appreciation events throughout the year. An Emerging Leaders program empowers people to develop their leadership abilities. As this is being written, a team of staff and residents are on a Travel with Purpose trip to a CURE Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. Garden Spot contributes half the paid time off for the employees who volunteered to go on the trip so they don’t have to use all their PTO and the list goes on.

The Survey – More Proof

To ensure that leadership is attentive to “how employees are doing,” new employees receive a survey after 2 weeks, 45 days and 75 days. This blog was inspired by the following question on the 45-day survey:  Is the job what you expected it to be? One person out of 23 answered “No.” When someone gives an unfavorable response they have the opportunity to comment.

Unfavorable responses always get leadership attention; not so “the person can be fixed” but so adjustments can be made to provide a better experience. This is a direct quote, “I did not expect the job experience to be so welcoming and friendly as it is.”

There is an age old adage that says: happy employees make happy customers. Garden Spot believes that happy, satisfied and engaged employees make happy residents. Everybody wins.

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