The Advantages of Using an Elder Law Attorney

March 12, 2024

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are in need of legal advice or representation, you would do well to consult an attorney. There are, however, many legal issues that fall under the category of “elder law,” or issues related to aging and retirement, that a general practice attorney may not be able to help you with. For such issues it would be more helpful to consult an elder law attorney. In this post we’ll look at three of the areas in which an elder law attorney can help you as you, or your parents, or loved ones age and plan for retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involved deciding how you would like your assets to be distributed or otherwise dealt with after your death. This can include writing a will, creating a trust, or making charitable donations. An elder law attorney will advise you in this process and ensure that your plans are carried to fruition.

Medicaid Planning

Elder law attorneys are familiar with the complex and often frustrating workings of the American health care system and can advise you on any decision you may need to make in this area. Also, if you need assistance in paying for your medical expenses, you can talk to an elder law attorney about Medicaid. Many elder law attorneys are familiar with the Medicaid systems in their state and will be able to asses your eligibility and help you with the application process.

Assistance with Long Term Care Plans

When planning for the future, it can often be difficult to consider your own or your loved one’s situation objectively. Elder attorneys can be of use here as well, where they can offer advice as to what long-term care plan would be most suitable for you or your loved one, and what health care facilities it may be useful to consider. They will also ensure the protection of assets as this care plan is implemented.

These are just a few of the services that elder law attorneys can provide. Jeff Goss of Brubaker, Connaughton Goss, and Lucarelli LLC (or BCGL), a Lancaster-based law firm, specializes in these and many other services.

On Thursday August 22, Dementia Friendly Lancaster will host an event at Lancaster Alliance Church dedicated to workshops for caregivers and professionals looking to learn more about dementia. At this event there will also be a panel discussion with elder law attorneys from BCGL and elsewhere.

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