Sycamore Springs Community Highlights: High-End Retirement Living In Lancaster County, PA

November 21, 2019

Written by Juanita Fox

Do you long to fill your retirement years with exciting opportunities and new friendships in a community where you’ll enjoy high-end comfort? Welcome to Sycamore Springs, a luxury active retirement community for residents 55 and over and Garden Spot Village’s newest neighborhood. Residents are surrounded by ample opportunities to live an engaging and full life both on campus and beyond.

Each home in the Sycamore Springs neighborhood has all the modern comforts you could ask for. Located in beautiful Lancaster County, PA, the small-town feel of this close-knit community is one you’ll love as you meet your neighbors on the lush green courtyards. Plus, with ample activities and volunteer opportunities available, each day is filled with fun hobbies, meaningful friendships and all those things you never had time for before.


In a world defined by social media and texting, it’s important to get back to our roots. Connecting with others face to face. Taking time to chat as you pass each other on the sidewalk. Homes with well-worn welcome mats. Life at Sycamore Springs independent living community offers just that. Our front porch living environment is the perfect way to connect with your neighbors.

A lot of planning went into the development of Sycamore Springs. Each home in this cozy neighborhood is crafted for privacy, yet situated in such a way as to give you access to the local community. Houses face each other, encircling a lovely green courtyard that’s interlaced with walking paths. You’ll love breathing the fresh air as you walk your dog or sit on your front porch chatting with the familiar faces passing by.

Art and Tina Petrosemolo moved to Sycamore Springs from Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and found that this vibrant retirement community allowed them to make a new group of friends. Tina has become an active participant in Garden Spot’s Book Club, Art Guild and the New Holland Women’s Club. Through his passion for writing and photography, Art connected with others who shared his interests.


When you choose to live at an active retirement living community like Sycamore Springs, you’ll get all the comforts of home plus a whole lot extra. Your front porch residence will feature modern and stylish details, including a fully equipped kitchen, beautiful interior design and plenty of space for when your family comes to visit.

It doesn’t stop there. Included in your monthly fee are tons of services to ensure your retirement has a luxurious, resort-like feel, such as:

  • Lawn care and residence maintenance
  • Electric, heat and AC
  • High-speed internet
  • Scheduled transportation to the local grocery store
  • Membership to the fitness center and pool
  • Access to all Garden Spot Village amenities and services

If you’re looking for a spot to refresh and unwind or get together with your new friends, meet up at the Refresh Coffee Bar. Garden Spot Village just so happens to be the only place in the New Holland area where you can enjoy Starbucks coffee.

Ready to Pick Your Home?

If you’re ready to learn about the homes available at Sycamore Springs, we invite you to take a look. Each cottage is an ideal mix of community involvement combined with peace and privacy. Contact us today to schedule your tour.

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