Why Is CCRC Living the Best Choice for Retirement?

August 22, 2023

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You have a few decisions to make as you reach the long-awaited retirement transition zone. If you plan to change your living situation, you likely have a few ideas about what the future might look like. Where should you live? Should you rent or own? What are you looking for in a new place?

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) and 55-plus communities are two independent living possibilities to consider. If you’re thinking about these options, explore their differences below to figure out the best route for you.

CCRCs vs. 55-Plus Communities

As you approach your mid-50s, you have a couple of options if you choose to pursue independent living—moving to a 55-plus community or a CCRC. Understanding the differences between these communities is important to determine the right choice.

Let’s explore both options in detail to give you a clearer idea of how they operate.

55-Plus Communities

A 55-plus community is just as it sounds—a community of adults over the age of 55. A homeowner’s association (HOA) typically oversees the developments, maintaining common and outdoor areas. The HOA aims to tailor the home layouts and atmosphere to people over 55.

These communities often have a clubhouse or meeting room where residents can organize on-site activities. The developments are usually close to hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers and other local attractions. A monthly fee generally includes expenses like landscaping, home maintenance, snow removal and security.

As 55-plus community does not provide rehab, personal care or other healthcare services. Many people who choose a 55-plus community often choose to move again when they require additional support for changing health needs.


A CCRC provides a similar atmosphere to a 55-plus community, including proximity to local attractions and monthly fees covering maintenance and utilities. However, it has a wider range of amenities and services, such as:

On top of luxurious retirement living and a plethora of amenities, CCRCs typically offer personal healthcare services to residents, as needed. That means you don’t need to venture beyond campus for care, should a medical complication ever occur.

Additionally, a CCRC provides flexibility for spouses or partners with different medical needs. He or she can access necessary services without living apart. Having a multitude of care options at your disposal can give you peace of mind and prepare you for the unexpected.

The Benefits of a CCRC

From improved health and wellness to ultra-convenient living, the advantages of a CCRC are truly unmatched. Here are some long-term benefits you can enjoy from these communities.

1. Everything You Need in One Location

Choosing a CCRC means investing in your future. You may not require all the services the community offers right away. However, as you get older and your needs change, you can take comfort in knowing you have access to care. Aside from on-site amenities and healthcare services, CCRCs typically have transportation available for doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping and other errands.

Chances are, you’ll never have to move again. You can be in the presence of friends, activities and amenities you love while still having access to quality care.

2. A Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Moving into a CCRC lets you abandon that laundry list of tasks and chores that come with being a homeowner. Gone are the days of worrying about lawn care, landscaping, appliance repair and other to-dos that land on the backburner far more often than we’d care to admit.

Leave the stresses of home maintenance behind and make room for the things you enjoy. Maybe that’s flexing your green thumb in the community garden, going to the gym or volunteering. Whatever activities enthrall you, a CCRC grants you a flexible schedule to pursue them.

3. Social Networking

A CCRC allows you to access a broad social network through various groups, events and activities. You can form lifelong friendships with people who have mutual and different interests.

A CCRC’s sense of community and social benefits are like no other—and the research proves it! A study found that adults who relocated to a CCRC experienced a reduction in loneliness, as they improved social ties with their residents and friends.

4. Health and Wellness Opportunities

A CCRC has the resources you need to become the best version of yourself. CCRCs have various amenities designed to help residents live active lifestyles, like fitness centers, exercise classes and healthy menu options.

Amenities We Offer at Garden Spot Village

If you’re seeking a CCRC in southeastern Pennsylvania, consider Garden Spot Village. We have all the makings of premium retirement living. You can enjoy various on-site amenities, activities and events while having access to care services. Here are some of the many perks you can reap by choosing Garden Spot Village as your CCRC:

  • Beautiful homes and neighborhoods: We offer a variety of residential living options at our luxury retirement community near Lancaster, including apartments, cottages and carriage homes. Find a retirement home that speaks to your comfort and needs.
  • On-site gardens: Soak in the beauty of nature by retreating to the sanctuary that is our campus gardens. Relish the serene sounds of trickling fountains and hone your planting skills at our aeroponic greenhouse.
  • Shopping centers: Meander through The Shops at Garden Spot Village to find nearly everything you need. Our selection of high-quality, affordable gifts includes jewelry, clothing, furniture, home decor and local foods. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your living space or grab a light snack between meals, find all the essentials at this hidden gem in eastern Lancaster County.

Contact Us to Learn More About CCRC Living

With Garden Spot Village, you can leverage all a CCRC has to offer and enjoy retirement to the fullest—the way it should be. We’re passionate about enriching the community and bringing residents together through on-campus amenities, events and personalized care.

If this sounds like the right path for you, fill out our contact form or call 717-355-6000 to learn more about luxury living at Garden Spot Village. We look forward to hearing from you!

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