Why You Should Retire In Lancaster, Pennsylvania

December 16, 2019

Written by Juanita Fox

When it comes to retirement, you don’t want to settle. After all, you’ve quite literally been working your entire life for this! Whether you’re considering moving to a retirement community tomorrow or a decade from now, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead. And if you want the best, we’ve got it for you. It’s official—Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the most highly voted place to retire in the U.S.! Let’s explore what this area has to offer and learn why Lancaster is the ultimate retirement spot.


Being a prime retirement location is about more than just beautiful views and thriving culture—although these elements certainly don’t hurt. When people retire, they’re typically thinking about factors such as affordability, access to health care and a social community. Lancaster has all of these benefits and many more.


In Lancaster, urban modernity meets rural tradition in a fascinating and entirely unique blend. Lancaster’s downtown offers city amenities from ethnic restaurants to a mix of contemporary and classic art. Its proximity to major nearby cities such as New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. makes it easy for retirees to enjoy casual trips to sight-see and explore.

The peaceful nature of the countryside and its diverse inhabitants, including a traditional Amish community, offers its share of country charm. The result is a delightful mixture of both country and city for retirees to enjoy.


Despite all the incredible things that Lancaster has to offer, the region is remarkably affordable. Because of the relatively small scale of the city, retirees can enjoy decent pricing and easy travel. In addition to a low cost of living, people will find a host of free or inexpensive activities around Lancaster that won’t take a toll on their budget.


With its rolling fields, ever-changing trees and signature Susquehanna River, Lancaster’s natural beauty offers the perfect retirement home. Many people looking to enjoy their newfound freedom by stepping away from the frantic pace of working life welcome the opportunity to get out into nature. Snow tubing, canoeing and golfing are just a few of the organized events at Garden Spot. Distinct seasons and landscapes that are picturesque year-round help explain why Lancaster is so popular.


While Lancaster has no shortage of engaging attractions for its community, it’s always helpful to have a place to start. Many people enjoy the following—but with a little creativity, there are limitless fun ways to celebrate this classic county:

  • Spring: As the cold melts away, many people enjoy local Lancaster favorites from growing gardens to historic downtown Lancaster with its theater, arts and food scene. Many people enjoy experiencing the local Amish community by stopping at the many farm stands and markets.
  • Summer: Residents appreciate all that Lancaster’s sweet summertime has to offer with outdoor activities like golfing, lawn games, picnics, kayaking, boating, hiking and more.
  • Fall: Lancaster’s warm and welcoming community offers events year-round, but fall is particularly delightful. With fall festivals, jazz concerts, corn mazes and more, fall is the ideal time to deep dive into the abounding social scene.
  • Winter: Residents and tourists alike find Lancaster charming in the wintertime, with plenty of Christmas-themed community events to keep them warm in body and spirit. Christmas light shows, carol concerts and more explain why Lancaster is the best place to retire in Pennsylvania.


One of the most important factors when it comes to aging retirees? Unsurprisingly, health care. Scoring 9.3 out of 10 when it comes to the Healthcare Quality Index, Lancaster provides easy and convenient access to its own locally based health care resources as well as proximity to major medical hub cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia. Nowhere else can retirees access such premium small-city medical care as well as nearby renowned hospitals and specialists.


Ready to take the plunge? Convinced Lancaster might just be the best place to retire? As one of the newest retirement neighborhoods at Garden Spot Village, Sycamore Springs is located right in the heart of the charming Lancaster County. You’ll have the chance to start your next chapter in the #1 retirement location in the country! Contact us or request pricing information to learn more.

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