An enneagram with sticky notes surrounding it with adjectives written on it.

Enneagram Workshop

“We first encountered the Enneagram at a conference several years ago, and it was introduced as the most effective self-discovery, self-development and leadership development tools of all time. We have found that to be true and have fully embraced the Enneagram.” — Steve Lindsey

In 2018 over 55 leaders participated in an Enneagram Workshop. Pre-Covid everyone who participated in our Emerging Leaders Program leaned about the Enneagram. Since it’s introduction over 175 team members at Garden Spot Village have participated in an Enneagram workshop.

Everyone in every position at Garden Spot Village can serve others and themselves better by becoming more self-aware. It helps us become not only better team members but better people spilling over into all aspects of our lives.

Enneagram Workshop

9am – 4:30pm | The Forge