Strategic Blueprint

Looking Forward

Over the course of 2022, Garden Spot Communities evaluated the current industry landscape and developed a Strategic Blueprint, designed to keep the organization moving forward.

An evaluation of the landscape revealed: Organizations must learn and cultivate a new set of literacies and dispositions to deal with a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Over the next four years we will use this Strategic Blueprint—which includes foundational elements and a strategic plan—to guide our work.

The foundational elements of the Strategic Blueprint include a new mission statement and guiding principle as well as resident and team member value propositions and three defined points of view.

Staff members from the nursing side and the cooking side sitting in lobby and talking
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Foundational Elements

Inspired by the life of Jesus, we cultivate vibrant community for purposeful living.

Facilitate abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community.

A community committed to knowing you and helping you to fulfill your dreams and live the life you imagine.

Be Kind. Do Good. Show Love.

Point of View

Community and the Power of Connection 

Garden Spot Communities defines community not solely as a place to live (as in geographic location) but as groups of people with common interests, attitudes, and goals. Community is a feeling, it is relationships, it is a catalyst and a facilitator. These are communities we live in; we reach out to; we learn in; and we are inspired by. The best communities create safety, an increased understanding of ourselves, and acceptance of others— including acceptance of uncommon viewpoints and unlike perspectives. 

We believe living in community keeps us healthier and happier, both of which affect our longevity. As a result, creating, facilitating, supporting, and promoting community is central to Garden Spot  Communities’ strategic work, its culture, and its efforts to create exceptional places for our residents to discover, grow, and live. 

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Point of View

Information Technology

We strive to sustain a strong technological foundation, implementing forward-thinking technologies we believe hold great promise to help our communities sustain operational excellence and provide services consumers either take for granted or will take for granted in the near term. We maintain an informed perspective with respect to new and emerging technologies so that we are prepared to quickly implement innovative technologies that contribute to sustained operational effectiveness and improved service offerings. Our intent is to be innovative while mitigating expenses (time, people, dollars) and risk. The proven/tested side of the leading edge is the sweet spot of our technology implementation strategy. 

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Point of View

Our Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the idea that businesses have obligations not only to their stakeholders (our residents and team members) but to society at large. Specifically, businesses should act in financially, socially, and environmentally responsible ways. This is sometimes referred to as the “triple bottom line.” 

Our commitment to social responsibility revolves around being strong proponents of living in, contributing to and building community wherever we can. We strive to create impactful, authentic relationships, resist ageism and enhance life regardless of age.  

Garden Spot is committed to being socially responsible to our residents, our team members, and to our surrounding communities. We recognize that we must be financially strong to fulfill our mission and support our resident and team member value propositions. We take seriously our commitment to the “doing good” with our profits.  

We understand our responsibility to the environment and keep our impact on the environment at the fore. It has determined, however, GSC must be intentional in seeking out and acting on environmentally sensitive issues. 

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Strategic Plan

The strategic plan includes an envisioned future and a vivid description of what life will be like when we accomplish that envisioned future, as well as strategic focus areas, strategic priorities and success indicators.  

Envisioned Future

Spark a Pro-Aging Revolution

Vivid Description of our Envisioned Future

Garden Spot Community is a significant catalyst for sociocultural transformation regarding aging—resulting in new language, new mindsets and new attitudes which are fully embraced by society. We reject can’t, shouldn’t and won’t because of age. Age is no longer seen as a liability but instead a reality that is leveraged in ways that improve the life of the individual, the wellbeing of communities and also benefits society.  

Whole Person well-being has replaced traditional aging models. Healthcare is viewed as a support for living, not a location of decline. Instead of being stigmatized, aging is seen as a natural progression focusing on the benefits that only living a long life can bring, such as experiences, wisdom, resiliency and self-discovery. A long life well lived, when shared, results in priceless contributions to family, friends, community and society. 

Attention to both physical and social design lead to vibrant communities that become hubs for sharing knowledge, experiences and facilitating new relationships between diverse people. Intergenerational connections will provide an environment for both informal engagement and lifelong learning that improves the flow of knowledge, wisdom, care and connection. Opportunities are embraced for people to move into and out of environments in a manner that fits their needs, interests and abilities, rather than their age.  

No longer is the goal to defy aging, but rather to define aging in new terms. A mindset of generativity, not passivity, prevails…leading to an inspired and impactful season of life. 

Spark a ProAging Revolution

Strategic Focus Areas

Design and deliver the next generation transformative retirement community and hub. 

Develop people-positive strategies and systems to meet the needs of the transforming workforce. 

Scale and expand our communities (size, number, and types) for long-term sustainability. 

Secure new alternative funding sources to support transformative ideas. 

Design systems and infrastructure to support planned growth and expansion.