December 18, 2018 // 1:43 PM

A Great Surprise

Written by Scott Miller

A great surprise arrived Wednesday, December 12. Senior Housing News announced the 2018 Architecture & Design Awards. Out of 98 submissions from 90 different communities across the United States, Garden Spot received two 1st Place Awards in the eight possible categories. First, Thistledown Co-Living House received first place in the Affordable Housing Category. (Of note, this project also received the Leading Age Innovation of the Year Award during the October 2018 national conference in Philadelphia.) Second, Garden Spot received first place in Independent Living for Sycamore Springs.

Innovation As Core

One of Garden Spot’s core values is innovation and “making innovation core” is one of the strategic initiatives. To say it another way, we invest a significant amount of time and energy around innovation not only in large projects like the two listed above but in the everyday processes, procedures and relationships throughout the community.  In our minds, we are simply trying to do our best and stay ahead of changing expectations. It’s the best way we can serve our customers today and in the future.

Baby Boomers

The Garden Spot entry age is 55 and baby boomers have been moving to Garden Spot for years. As everyone knows, the baby boomers tend to look at the world differently and those 77 million people have changed the world at every life stage. They are doing it again. Leaving careers behind, they are taking lifelong skills and experiences, pouring them into personal interests and kindling new purpose in their lives. From that perspective community culture is very important.

A Two Sided Coin

The cool thing about the awards is they highlight the importance of architecture because good design more fully enables culture. We recognized that with the Skilled Nursing Households many years ago. Our most recent international visitors wishing to learn more about the household model was a delegation from Japan. Tours for groups like this always include a discussion about the ways in which architecture enables culture.

Garden Spot Experience

Architecture and design, combined with the vibrant culture, contribute to the unique Garden Spot Experience, an experience that people find life-giving and personally fulfilling.

Chief Marketing Officer