April 4, 2017 // 12:50 PM

April 2017 | Endeavor: Highlighting the Happenings at Garden Spot Village

Written by Scott Miller


Hello and Welcome to Endeavour - Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

A bit of an early “reveal” for you - as a Future Resident. The fitness center is under renovation and WOW is it gonna be awesome. As you’d expect in a fitness center there are vibrant, lively colors as you can see all around me - An expanded, entirely new layout - Easy to use, cutting edge, high-tech equipment . . . designed to help you build muscle and stay toned! The id-e-a is to help you stay young. Brand new locker rooms - directly off the pool. You’re going to love it. Construction and equipment set-up completes in April and the everything opens in May.

As you know from the last several videos I’m pretty excited about Sycamore Springs. We’ve started hosting the Discovery luncheons in one of the community buildings. If you’ve already been to a Look & Learn the Sycamore Springs sessions are the same format but focus on Sycamore Springs and you get to see a cottage and spend some time in Sycamore Commons. We’d love for you to sign up, maybe bring some friends and come for lunch and learn more about it. Check the website for a virtual tour of one of the Two Floor Cottages.

The Garden Spot Village Marathon, Half Marathon and Kids Marathon is April 7th and 8th. You know what I love about the marathon?  It’s so Garden Spot Village. We’re all about opportunities, living with purpose, creating community. Runners – same thing – a community of people doing something they love. It’s a great day. We’d love for you to come run or walk it. You can still sign up. You could also join the hundreds of residents who volunteer or just come to experience the action.

The next Amish Educational Series begins on April 26 at 7 p.m. in the chapel. The first session is entitled: The Amish Today. It’s an overview presented by Steve Nolt a leading Amish interpreter with responses from a local Amish Historian. These series are open to public and are always well attended. Feel free to participate.

We just posted the April issue of the Garden Variety on our website where you can discover all that is going on this month.

This has been Endeavor – Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village.

I’m Scott Miller and I hope to see you around campus and as I always say  . . . Life is Good! 

Chief Marketing Officer