April 2, 2019 // 12:39 PM

April 2019 | Endeavor: Highlighting the Happenings at Garden Spot Village

Written by Juanita Fox


Hello and Welcome to Endeavor - Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village, where you will find abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community.

I’m Juanita Fox, the storyteller at Garden Spot Village. And today I will share a few of the many ways we have to live with purpose at Garden Spot Village.

Today I’m in the Main Street Art Gallery, where you can find quality art, every day. The display changes monthly. In April you will find two exhibits. The first is a collection of early art from Myrtle Tremblay, a local New Holland artist. Her 20 piece display is a sneak peek of a larger collection that will appear at the New Holland Area Historical Society in May. The second part of the gallery features Destination Cover art submissions from Pennsylvania College of art and design. Last fall we challenged the senior illustration students at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design to create the Spring/Summer cover for Destination. They had incredible insight and presented us 20 options to choose from. All of the submissions will appear in the gallery through the month of April.

Spring has arrived! And with it, our half marathon and 10K is coming soon! I have my marathon shirt on today – and if you’re running, you get this really cool shirt and when you finish the race you get an even cooler medal that features our hot air balloon. If you haven’t registered, it’s not too late. We take walk-up registrations right up until 8am on race day. If you’re not running, you’re invited too! Stop in Friday evening, April 5 at 6pm to watch the Kids Marathon or Saturday morning, April 6 at 8am to cheer for the runners as they start the half marathon and 10k.

Our Saturday Evening Concert Series draws to a close on Saturday, April 20 with a performance by Cellist Richard Amoroso and Pianist Asaki Nakagawa. We are honored to host the duo, who perform with the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

April is full of opportunities at Garden Spot and you can find details for the events I mentioned earlier plus everything else that is going on in the April Issue of the Garden Variety, which we just posted on the events page of the website.

This has been Endeavor – Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village, where you will find Abundant Opportunities to Live with Purpose in Community.

I’m Juanita Fox and I hope to meet you soon. As we always say at Garden Spot Village, Life is Good!