Building Community on the Golf Course

February 6, 2024

As winter winds down, the Golf micro-communities begin to think about the upcoming golfing season. April through October, rain or shine, every Monday morning they hit the golf course at Foxchase Golf Course located about 20 minutes from New Holland in Stevens, Pennsylvania. About 20 men golf each Monday. Their attendance ebbs and flows based on vacations and other priorities, but the majority try to get out on the greens as often as they can.

Rex Trent, who moved to the Sycamore Spring neighborhood of Garden Spot Village in March 2017, joins the group frequently. “It’s not about the game so much,” he says. “We are competitive and like to do as well as we can, but when it comes down to it, we have a good time.”

Rex coordinates the weekly trips to Foxchase. He regularly recruits new men to join the group and negotiates a special price for the weekly golf outing.

Annie McAbee, a Garden Spot Village resident since July 2010, coordinates a women’s group that also golfs occasionally. “I started golfing at 62 and I just got hooked. I love it. When you do really well and sink a putt, it’s a great feeling,” she says.

For Rex, the golfing is just part of the experience. “We enjoy going out, not only for the game, but also for the friendship,” he says.

To watch a video on the weekly golfing experience, watch the August Endeavor.

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