December 19, 2019 // 3:15 PM

Finding Community in the Arts

Written by Scott Miller

In 2017 after returning from a tour sponsored by the Fulton Theatre Fran Rapp stopped in to see me with a sponsor pack wondering if Garden Spot would consider sponsoring the Fulton Theatre. Knowing that Garden Spot provides opportunities to live with purpose in community and many, many people find purpose in the arts, Fran thought a Fulton sponsorship made a lot of sense. Fran and Sally Rapp, Garden Spot Village Residents since 2011, are live theater enthusiasts, involved with the GSV acting troupe, The Lighter Side Players, and are avid supporters of the Fulton Theatre in downtown Lancaster City.

A significant number of people have commented how much they appreciated being able to interact with residents as they were considering Garden Spot Village. Based on that input, a sponsorship with Fulton made sense if we could figure out a way for residents and future residents to connect via theater. It’s easy to talk with people when there’s a common interest.

Three years ago Garden Spot Communities began to sponsor the annual Christmas Show. The sponsorship includes a number of tickets. Consequently, each year a group of residents and future residents depart together from Garden Spot Village for the Christmas Show and the tickets are provided by Garden Spot Village. There are enough tickets so that two additional groups can see other shows throughout the season.

I escorted the annual excursion to the Christmas Show this year. We saw Peter Pan and it was fabulous. If you’ve ever been to the Fulton Theatre you know the acting is superb and Peter Pan is no exception. The set is fantastic and the show is energetic, fun and extremely entertaining. The show runs through December 29th and if you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Many of the retirement communities in Lancaster County are like luxury resorts, our campus’ are beautiful and there are a host of amenities. The thing that seems to make Garden Spot different is the focus on opportunities, purpose and community. Take this sponsorship, for example. It provides people an opportunity to enjoy theater. Many people find fulfillment in the arts and these trips help to establish a sense of community as people get to know each other and become friends. The tickets could be handed out individually, go exclusively to residents, or we could sell them or give them to the leadership but none of that makes sense to us. What makes sense is providing an opportunity for people to get together so they can get to know each other doing something they love and enjoy.

Not only was the show fabulous but the residents and future residents had a wonderful time talking, laughing and establishing new relationships. It was a good time for all of us!

Chief Marketing Officer