December 31, 2018 // 11:59 AM

January 2019 | Endeavor: Highlighting the Happenings at Garden Spot Village

Written by Scott Miller


Hello and Welcome to Endeavor - Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village where you will find abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community.

2019 is upon us and there are all kinds of exciting things on the horizon that you will want to be a part of. We’re in The Harvest Table restaurant. Food is extremely important to everyone and people say our restaurants are outstanding. To be honest - I agree with them. Feel free to visit anytime.

Your story, my story, everyone’s story is unique. It used to be – people thought – retirement meant your story was over. For baby boomers - retirement means your story has many more exciting chapters yet to be written. To see the stories of the people of Garden Spot - check out our new online Storybook. Click Storybook on the top bar of the website.  We would love to add your stories someday.

If you’re still working or you do a lot of driving you’ll be excited to know that we will be launching a podcast in 2019. It seems people love to listen to podcasts as they drive. The current plan is to discuss – relevant - retirement – related - topics – wow, there’s a mouthful. We’ll keep them to about 20 minutes so you’ll get useful information without getting bored.

We know - that many of you - are eagerly anticipating calling Garden Spot Village home. If your timeframe is shorter - rather than later - we have a couple homes available immediately at Sycamore Springs. If you like to plan ahead – and - if you like the idea of new construction, 50 more - individual - new houses will come on the market in 2019. Stay tuned for details in the coming months.

If you’re a runner OR you know a runner - our new ½ marathon and 10K courses are beautiful. We’d love for you or your friends to run with us on April 5, 2019. Just google Garden Spot Village Half Marathon to register.

That’s a glimpse of 2019 at Garden Spot Village – but - lets not forget about January and all the amazing things taking place.

We just posted the January issue of the Garden Variety on the website – and I encourage you read through it - so -you can plan your visits and take advantage OF  everything going on.

This has been Endeavor – Highlighting the Happenings of Garden Spot Village where you will find Abundant Opportunities to Live with Purpose in Community.

I’m Scott Miller and I hope to see you around campus and as I always say, Life is Good!

Chief Marketing Officer