June Endeavor 2022

June 14, 2022

June Endeavor 2022 from Garden Spot Village on Vimeo.

Written by Sharon Sparkes

This month’s Endeavor shares the story of Garden Spot Village’s team member Steve Heydt and his vision for the aeroponic greenhouse. How do you endeavor to live with purpose?

When the aeroponic greenhouse was built six years ago, the goal was to have it produce as much lettuce as possible so that the kitchen wouldn’t have to shop elsewhere. The greenhouse has the capacity to grow over 144,000 plants — the greens and herbs for the Harvest Table.

Moving forward, Steve’s vision has become broader, utilizing the greenhouse to foster community. A makers market event took place with various artisans selling their wares to the community — it was a rousing success. The space is also able to be reserved for private events.

In addition to being a planned event space, it is also a peaceful green space for people to meet. The front of the greenhouse is set up to host cafe-style meetings to connect with others in a relaxed environment.

It’s exciting to see how Steve has cultivated the aeroponic greenhouse, and the future looks bright, having more opportunities for the space to foster relationships within community.

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