December 12, 2017 // 10:09 AM

Little Things Make all the Difference

Written by Scott Miller

You have to love Garden Spot. It’s sort of like you can’t help it. Things aren’t perfect. They never are, but a lot of attention gets paid to the “little” things like the music that plays overhead. It’s selected to add special touches to your day!

Multiple generations live in the Garden Spot Village community. Neighbors include the GI Generation, The Silent Generation and more and more Baby Boomers. Ages range from 57 to 105. Beyond that there are GenX’ers and Millenials coming and going with their kids all the time. It’s an intentionally fostered intergenerational environment. The intergenerational environment is just of the things that makes Garden Spot Village so appealing and led to the reduction of the minimum age from 62 to 55 just this past summer.

Tastes in music vary differently within a common age group but when you consider the difference in taste over the course of 35 years it’s a pretty big gap. Just think back to those “discussions” you had with your parents when they commented on the music you listened to as a teenager.

Back to the little things. How do you choose music that appeals to everyone? The answer at Garden Spot is to mix it up. You’ll hear songs you really love from time to time. I was talking to a woman who was bouncing down the hallway to Surfer Girl and she commented, “I just love this music.”  A couple of songs later a conservative hymn came on. I get a kick when the theme song to the Pirates of the Caribbean plays. There is something for everyone.

The Chipmunks inspired this blog. After I arrived in my office this morning and was turning on the computer I heard The Chipmunks Christmas song. It made me smile. It was just fun! A few minutes later I heard the Christmas song from Charlie Brown. It was followed by Bing Crosby’s, “A White Christmas.”  At this very moment it’s “A Yuletide Carol.”

When you stop by this Christmas season listen to the music.  At least one of the songs will make you smile and stir happy holiday memories! It’s the little things that make Garden Spot so special.

Chief Marketing Officer