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Living Space in Retirement

November 28, 2023

Your living space can impact your hobbies, socializing, privacy and ability to have a comfortable, healthy retirement. Finding an area suitable for your lifestyle and needs is vital for thriving in your golden years and discovering your purpose. 

Whether you want to travel, try new hobbies, prioritize your health, spend your days socializing or enjoy your early retirement relaxing, your home matters. Before you decide on a downsizing location, it’s vital to understand how space can affect your way of life and discover ways to maximize it. 

Why Downsize in Retirement?

Downsizing in retirement can help you save money on mortgage and insurance fees and home maintenance. It can also support your health needs and provide more freedom of movement. 

How Do You Downsize in Retirement?

Today, you have more options than ever for downsizing in retirement: 

  • Relocating to an over-55 community with space suitable for hobbies, socializing and physical activity
  • Trying a new living accommodation like a boathouse or RV 
  • Moving into an apartment or condo 

Why Downsize for Your Lifestyle and Needs?

Your social, spatial, health, safety and leisure needs may be the most significant considerations when moving to a new space in retirement. These factors can determine where and how you want to live. Various locations have amenities suitable for your social and physical health. They can also offer space to fit your privacy and health requirements. 

Benefits of downsizing for your lifestyle and needs include the following. 


Do you enjoy nature walks, yoga, gardening or playing tennis? Your hobbies are an essential part of your lifestyle, and your home can impact your ability to participate in these activities. For example, a location without outdoor space can make gardening challenging. When downsizing, look for a place that enables you to do everything you love. 


What are your physical and mental health needs? Do you need a home with an open-plan design or minimal stairs to get around quickly? Do you want a place with greenery and good lighting? You can choose a new space suitable for your health needs and goals.


Are you a globetrotter? If your retirement plans include travel, you might want to relocate to a place with security, providing peace of mind that your home is safe while you’re away. A lower-maintenance home can also make it convenient to lock up and go whenever you want. 


One of the top perks of moving to a new place or downsizing is that you can find a location close to your family. Your new home can make visiting your loved ones accessible and vice versa.


In retirement, you’ll have more free time to pursue the things you’ve always dreamed of doing, like volunteering, exercising, shopping and making new friends. You can move to a place with plenty of opportunities to follow your passion.

The Importance of Space in Your Downsizing Location

Your community or home can influence how much room you’ll need to do your favorite things and make your retirement more comfortable and enjoyable. Downsizing might limit your square footage or yard size, making it harder to enjoy your indoor and outdoor hobbies

However, if you move to a community or neighborhood that offers amenities like wellness centers, sports facilities, walking trails, restaurants and entertainment areas, you’ll have more chances to get out of your home and try new activities. 

Here are some benefits of space in your downsizing location.

More Socializing

Locations with entertainment areas mean you can interact with others, share meals and play games together, even if your home has limited space for entertaining family and guests. 

Enjoy Physical Activities

You can attend fitness classes at a health and wellness center, providing you with a place to try new activities like yoga or Pilates. Do you like swimming to stay in good shape? There is no need to install an expensive inground or above-ground pool in your yard when you can take advantage of a community swimming pool that’s big enough for laps, water aerobics or floating. 

Get Fresh Air 

Do you enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of being in the great outdoors? While your new home may be smaller, the area around it might have ample space to explore and participate in hobbies like birding and hiking.

Room for Privacy

Do you need quiet time? A spacious retirement location means you’ll have plenty of room to be alone with your thoughts. You can also enjoy more space between you and your neighbors in an expansive living area.

Increased Mobility and Security 

If you love going on walks, living in a gated community can give you more freedom to move around and explore.

Garden Spot Village Housing Options

Garden Spot Village offers homes and space for your lifestyle and needs.


Garden Spot Village cottages feature an open-plan design and convenient first-floor living. The surrounding greenery and garden let you soak in outdoor views from the comfort of your home. These spacious cottages provide room for entertaining and enjoying your home and privacy. In a quiet retirement village, you’ll have plenty of time to meet your neighbors and participate in community events. 

Garden Apartments

Are you ready for apartment living? The garden apartments offer convenient living space with a balcony overlooking the community. Overlook greenery and participate in activities and amenities within walking distance of your home. Extensive floor plans allow you to enjoy privacy while feeling connected to your community, all with minimal maintenance and maximum comfort. 

Carriage Homes

Carriage homes at Garden Spot Village are a modern and unique living space. These intricately designed homes provide ample space, light and style. Carriage homes resemble residential life with the addition of numerous amenities like on-campus dining, wellness and a health care center at a close distance. 

Choose Garden Spot Village for Spacious and Purposeful Retirement

At Garden Spot Village, we aim to help you find opportunities to do everything you love and live your best life in retirement. We’re a community and invite you to find a suitable home for your needs in one of our neighborhoods. 

Our values — community, excellence, service, stewardship, innovation and integrity — guide us in letting you live out your purpose. We support your ideal lifestyle by providing numerous home choices with space, amenities and community. 

Contact us to schedule a visit and tour today.

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