March 17, 2017 // 9:51 AM

New Beginnings

Written by Juanita Fox

I recently participated in new employee orientation. At the outset, I wondered why it would take three full days to learn about Garden Spot Village and the various Garden Spot Communities. As I walked in the very first morning and CEO Steve Lindsey greeted me, I realized that orientation was not going to be what I expected.

To start, there were only three of us and we were all part time. Despite our small numbers, human resources and senior leadership placed as much emphasis on our group as they would have a group of 20 full time staff. Throughout the first day, member after member of the executive team shared about their department’s role within the organization and how we fit into the overall mission and core values. Without overtly saying it, they were embodying the core values: excellence, innovation, integrity, service, stewardship and community.

In addition, they each asked us to please follow up directly with them if we ever have any questions or concerns. The transparency and accessibility was refreshing. The details about the internal workings of the organization were fascinating. Really, Human Resources could have done this all, right? But, because of the value placed on transparency and community, each member of senior leadership took time to meet and talk with us. We were valuable members of the Garden Spot Village team.

The second day we spent time learning about leadership, wellness and person centered care. By the time we were finished, it felt like employee centered care! I felt cared for, valued and honored to be a part of the Garden Spot Village team when I walked out the door Thursday afternoon.

The final day we learned about some of the tougher realities of serving in a continuing care retirement community. But again, the realities were shared with care and compassion. The emphasis for training was placed on our role as staff and how we can empower everyone around us to live to their fullest potential.

So, as I officially begin this journey as the Story Teller at Garden Spot Village I embrace the core values: excellence, innovation, integrity, service, stewardship and community. My desire is that as I interact with each of you that my work and life might enrich your life as an expression of Christ’s love.