January 20, 2017 // 10:47 AM

Special Sauce

Written by Scott Miller

We’ve all heard of the “special sauce” —those secret ingredients, in specific proportions, lovingly combined in a unique way to create something special, something mouthwatering that makes us want to come back for more.

The interesting thing about the special sauce is that you can’t really see it. You don’t know what it is. It’s simply a part of the dish. You might not even be able to smell it, but the moment you taste it, the moment you experience it, you know it truly is special.

Walk into Village Square and you know you’ve walked into something special. People say it all the time: “I don’t know what it is, but there is something special here.” Even though Garden Spot Village is officially “age restricted,” in reality, it’s ageless. In the morning, there’s a very good chance you’re going to see young mothers with children at the Refresh Starbucks Coffee Bar. Since the restaurants are open to the community, you’re going to see young, old and everything in between. It is very intergenerational.

More than that, it’s unlike most public spaces where people go about their business in a cocoon and seem to avoid interaction with others. Come to Village Square or walk down the hallway and people are going to greet you. They say “Hello.” They look you in the eye. They smile. You feel welcome — because you are welcome! It doesn’t matter whether you live here or not.

There’s a simple word for what happens here — a simple concept that isn’t always practiced everywhere. It’s called “community”. People are genuinely nice to each other. They don’t agree on everything, but that’s a good thing. It adds variety. They are happy to see you whether they know you or not. They are interested in you just because you are here. Live here and you experience that sense of community exponentially.

Any special sauce typically has several ingredients. At Garden Spot Village, our special sauce blends a community of people who are both interested and interesting, and who strive together to make their place in the world better for everyone. Just walk through the front door for a taste.

Chief Marketing Officer