September 21, 2018 // 4:19 PM

Treasure Island at the Fulton Theatre

Written by Scott Miller

Thursday, September 20 featured a cool beautiful evening as a bustling crowd engulfed the sidewalk in front of the Fulton Theatre in downtown Lancaster City. From a Red Carpet rose a backdrop in front of which a photographer busily arranged guests for Red Carpet photos. Through the front doors on Prince Street my wife, Cheryl, and I stepped into a lively, loud, energetic crowd of theater goers. The air buzzed with excitement and laughter as people greeted and hugged each other as though they had been long lost friends forever. It was one happy crowd! As it well should be. It was Opening Night of the new Fulton Theatre season featuring Treasure Island.

From center stage, fourth row orchestra seats there was a much excitement before the show as there was on the side walk. The theater was full, especially the orchestra section. Imagine being caught up in anticipating excitement, not just from yourself, but from all the people around you. Above the stage hung a skull & crossbones, sculpted waves lapped house left and a rope net dangled from the crow’s nest house right. The curtain, as you might imagine—a treasure map—set the stage for what was to come!

The audience erupted when Executive Artistic Producer, Marc Robin, in full costume, stepped onto the stage. As his welcome and words of thanks wound down the board of directors surprised everyone as they too stepped on stage to thank him for his tenth season at the Fulton! The audience responded with a heartfelt standing ovation, then, on-to-the-show. And what a show it was!

The singing, the acting, the sets caused the audience to clap and cheer on numerous occasions in both surprise and appreciation as the adventures of Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver unfolded upon the high seas and Treasure Island. The singing and action carried you from scene-to-scene with never a dull moment. It was outstanding. Be sure to get tickets for one of the upcoming shows, you’ll want to see and experience this wonderful production! If they’re available, you might ask for orchestra seats in row D, it’s a great place to get caught up in the experience. Just say’n.

Congratulations from Garden Spot Communities to The Fulton Theatre and everyone who helped bring this incredible production to life! It was a fabulous evening.

Chief Marketing Officer