April 13, 2021 // 12:15 PM

Why I Love Living at Garden Spot Village

Written by Avery Stauffer

“Most of us started out with life goals, but how many of us made ‘end of life’ goals? More likely we have end of life fears…Moving to Garden Spot released us from all these fears,” writes Elizabeth Givens, a Garden Spot Village resident since October 2018.

We recently invited residents to write a short letter about what they love most about life at Garden Spot Village and there was no shortage of praise. In fact, many residents mentioned how difficult it was to fit their appreciation into the 100-word limit.

Their creativity was boundless! They wrote songs, poems, acrostics and touching notes.

Between the continued mention of spiritual focus and “outstanding staff,” Garden Spot truly has something special. The community here brings a sense of purpose and belonging that allows residents to thrive and feel as if they are a part of a large extended family.

Debbie Alexander writes, “The best thing about living here is the friendship, love, and care of friends and neighbors.”

Aside from the valued friendships, letter after letter mentioned how convenient it is to live without worrying about home maintenance and snow removal. That alone frees up time for involvement in the many micro-communities and volunteer opportunities that residents continually say bring a sense of purpose.

The food choices were also a highlight among the letters as well as the beautiful campus which according to Ruth Anne Starnes, “rivals Longwood Gardens.” Others mention that the campus is perfect for walks both inside when it’s cold, and outside when the weather is nice.

Marie and Tom Diehl even wrote, “It was like moving into a resort!” The endless volunteer opportunities, clubs, and activities make life at Garden Spot richer and fuller.

Because of the atmosphere and countless activities, Bob Totten mentions, “Truly I feel spoiled!” Overall, residents voiced their appreciation for the convenience, security, and atmosphere that makes moving to Garden Spot the, “Best decision we’ve ever made.”

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